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Cherie Maitland, Training Director, Behavior Specialist, trainer, prior Pet Partners
Therapy Dog Team, CGC Evaluator,
is an animal lover and educator from way back. She
moved to California from Vermont in 1984.  Her varied work background includes personal coaching
and counseling, small business management, accounting, teaching and running kids after-school
and summer camp programs.  

Cherie began working with dogs at the SPCA as a volunteer in the 1980's on the California Coast.  
In the early 1990's she was introduced to the world of humane horse handling and Natural
Horsemanship.  It made so much sense to Cherie to train and guide a horse by understanding their
point-of-view, that she sought out people who were doing the same thing with dogs.  She assisted
with dog training classes, behavior problem appointments and went back to the shelter as a
volunteer adoption counselor and dog handler.  She studied and trained with a variety of other
trainers from a wide range of philosophies. After adopting a "problem" dog, (who became the
wonderful dog you might have known as Pepper,) Cherie needed the behavioral expertise of several
local, prominent trainers. After years of studying with and assisting other trainers, and working with
dogs at the shelter,
Our Furry Friends was born in 1999 in Santa Cruz, California.

She hails more from the new school of training, incorporating learning theory and understanding
canine psychology to teach people to be great dog owners, handlers and leaders. When needed,
other approaches are incorporated, because she believes that there is often something valuable to
learn from most approaches and that flexibility and tailoring methods to a specific owner, dog and
situation is crucial. Cherie's instincts about what people and their dogs need to be a better team,
combined with her practical knowledge and step-by-step teaching style is extremely effective. She
lives in Amador County with her dogs, cats, goats, chickens and her Mustang lives on a nearby ranch.

In 2017 Cherie is expanding her services to Nevada County. Her indoor training facility will continue
to be open in El Dorado County - in Diamond Springs.

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"Cherie, the owner of Our Furry Friends is very impressive in her understanding
of canine behavioral science and of the subtleties of the human/dog relationship.
This, combined with her decades of experience and sound instincts allow her to
perform accurately and quickly to achieve results! She also adores the dogs.

I've taken my silly, sweet Springer boy to her for some focus and confidence work
successfully. My sister's rescue Pyrenees Mix who came with some very scary
dog aggression has been almost completely transformed over about four months.
She has softened and settled successfully into her new home thanks to Cherie
and Alan, another excellent trainer there.

I've used both Cherie and
Alan - they both are extremely knowledgeable,
effective, kind hearted and impeccably honest in their business dealings. Please
be careful who you take your dog to, they could get harmed with a bad or
inexperienced trainer.....for their sake, make sure you use a good one."  
From El Dorado County
"THE REAL THING"         A Testimonial  From M.L. -  El Dorado County

"I have quite a bit of knowledge and a fair amount of experience in dog training. I
have even been a volunteer dog training instructor for my local AKC club. But
when we adopted our adolescent rescued Lab, I needed help! He was not well
socialized to other dogs, and his reactions to them were out of control - manic
jumping and barking - and even low level aggression. Cherie’s Feisty Fido class,
private sessions with her, and her small,  well-supervised doggie daycare and
play groups have made a huge difference. He now plays appropriately with a
variety of dogs, and I have the skills to manage unexpected situations well. We’ve
enjoyed a wide variety of Cherie’s classes - Obedience, Agility, Rally, and
Freestyle. I enjoy the small classes and the personalized instruction.  I also enjoy
working with someone who has a depth of experience and knowledge in the field
of dog training and behavior. Cherie also has the creativity and openness to try
new approaches and solutions. There are a lot of folks out there claiming to be
trainer/behaviorists - Cherie is the real thing."
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